Jio Wireless network ‘will greatly help the Indian bitcoin industry’

Sep 10, 2016 12:50

A new 4G wireless data network with over 80% coverage, Reliance Jio, recently went live in India. Residents of approximately 18,000 cities and 200,000 rural villages can enjoy free cell and data plans until the end of the year. The data service then costs 149 rupees, about US$2.25, per month while cell remains free. “No

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Weekly roundup (20-02-2016)

Feb 20, 2016 06:32

The Bitcoin Price Open: Rs. 25260 – Close: 28750 High: Rs. 28900 Low: Rs. 25300 In contrast to the largely static prices of the past two weeks, the Bitcoin price has began to show an upward trend over the past 7 days. The BTC to INR trading price opened at Rs. 25260 and climbed to

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Weekly roundup (13-02-2016)

Feb 13, 2016 11:23

The Bitcoin Price Open: Rs. 25290 – Close: 26000 High: Rs. 27000 Low: Rs. 24800 If you read our previous roundup you will know that last week was a very static one for the Bitcoin price. This week followed a similar pattern. There was a marginal change in the Bitcoin price between the start and

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Weekly roundup (06-02-2016)

Feb 6, 2016 12:20

The Bitcoin Price Open: Rs. 25800 – Close: 25300 High: Rs. 26000 Low: Rs. 24900 The Bitcoin price has largely remained flat over the past 7 days, showing little willingness to rise or fall. This can be seen in the discrepancy between the weekly high Rs. 26000 and the weekly low of Rs. 24900 a

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BTCXIndia Hits New Trading Volume Daily Record of 480 Bitcoins

Feb 6, 2016 06:50

AllCoinsNews had a chat recently with Kamesh Mupparaju, CEO of Indian bitcoin exchange BTCXIndia.  The Hyderabad-exchange was the first in India with real-time trading and to adopt security measures with the majority of coins in cold storage .The Reserve Bank of India has not always been positive about Bitcoin, only recently iterating its interest in the advent of

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